Project: Hope House Hospice: Open Garden and Tranquil Garden


Client: Hope House Hospice

Pleydell Smithyman Limited was invited by Hope House to work with their Management Team & Trustees to redesign two of their tired, overgrown and underused garden areas. Our work included the development of a concept, detailed and construction information for: the Open Garden located outside the bedrooms and the Tranquil Garden used by bereaved families. Both gardens were designed to incorporate donated materials and sculptural elements.

The exposed and overlooked Open Garden has been enclosed with hedging and trees and the unattractive mismatched grey and brown paving replaced with a light smooth surface throughout lifting the feel of the garden and provide emergency and disabled access. The planting and low hedges break up the garden into smaller spaces which will become home to sculptural and play elements as the garden develops. The planting is contemporary, with sensory elements and all year round interest. Raised beds incorporating seating and trellises divide up semi private areas outside each bedroom and include tactile and scented planting. Coloured screens punctuate the path junctions and form a backdrop to the planting.

The structure of the Tranquil Garden was retained, the thin soil replenished, the largest tree and wooden pergola removed and the planting and fencing replaced. This has provided a light and airy space with a beautiful new copper tree fountain, attractive planting and new metal pergola.