Project: Ecology: Parkside Farm


Client: J & M Shanks

Pleydell Smithyman Limited was commissioned to undertake an extended Phase 1 Habitat Survey of the barns at Parkside Farm to inform a planning application for the conversion and change of use of a building to office space.

This led to further work including barn owl and bat surveys. The bat surveys identified a maternity roost of brown long-eared bats as well as non-maternity roosts of common pipistrelle bats within the building. Planning permission has now been granted alongside a European Protected Species License (EPSL) to allow works to the barn to continue whilst enabling the bat roosts to be retained within the building. A bat loft was designed to allow the bats to remain in the building whilst also allowing the barn to be converted into office use. Post work completion monitoring identified the continued use of the bats within the bat loft.