What We Do

We are a multidisciplinary practice offering a variety of services across our core sectors. Our diverse range of skills enables us to add value and deliver bespoke solutions in line with our client’s requirements.

Site Assessment

For Pleydell Smithyman Limited site assessment is the first step in understanding the potential of a site. This can be done from a number of perspectives, for example our in-house Ecologists can assess the ecological value of your site. Other members of team can assess your site in relation to its commercial value, recreation value and / or community value.

Planning Applications

Pleydell Smithyman Limited provide planning services for our clients including the preparation and submission of planning applications from brand new developments and extensions to existing buildings to changes of use and varying conditions.

We have extensive knowledge and experience in the industry and by taking a commercial approach and working with local planning authorities rather than against them, we ensure the best chance of success for our clients. Over the past five years 98% of the planning applications we have submitted have been successful.


Pleydell Smithyman Limited has experience of designing new builds, developments and extensions for a range of clients. We have provided architectural services for projects ranging from garden centres to visitor centres, at locations across the country which intelligently blend creativity of design with commercial acumen to ensure the best possible return on investment for our clients.

Landscape Architecture

Pleydell Smithyman Limited’s team of Landscape Architects have created a variety of exciting, innovative and creative projects, delivering spaces for people to enjoy across the UK. They are equipped to work on a diverse range of schemes from parks and play areas to public realm and housing projects. They have a reputation for being able to deliver added value to a project and exceeding client expectations.

Urban Design

The team at Pleydell Smithyman Limited are able to think strategically, working in partnership to deliver spaces and places which connect with people, the urban form and nature. We understand the interrelationship between good design and management of public space and how it can define an area and its audience. Our experience in urban design enables us not only to tackle the inevitable challenges, but to find innovative and creative solutions.


Pleydell Smithyman Limited has an in-house ecologists which enables us to offer the many facets which make up Ecology. Services we can provide include extended Phase 1 habitat surveys, Phase 2 protected species surveys, Ecological Impact Assessments, mitigation, enhancement design and implementation. We are also able to provide site management and biodiversity action plans.

Business Planning

Business planning is a fundamental part of delivering realistic and sustainable projects. Our extensive knowledge in a variety of sectors enables us to benchmark your project and develop commercially viable proposals, providing a complete picture of the potential for your business.

Project Management

Pleydell Smithyman Limited prides itself on delivering for our clients. We understand project management which means that we can guide a project from concept to completion. Throughout the process our clients are enabled to be as hands on or off as they require and we ensure that your are kept informed and updated throughout. You can trust us to manage and deliver your project, finding solutions to any problems which may arise along the way.

Research & Evaluation

Pleydell Smithyman Limited has an in-depth understanding of the sectors in which it operates, enabling us to benchmark projects and provide a realistic picture of what can be achieved. This knowledge enables us evaluate situations prior to developing creative and innovative solutions.


Whether you are consulting with potential project partners, stakeholders and / or the community, Pleydell Smithyman Limited is able to produce and implement a consultation strategy designed to meet your needs. We have experience of a variety of consultation techniques including community events, focus groups, interviews, questionnaires and social networking.

Funding Strategies & Application

Pleydell Smithyman Limited has helped clients to obtain project funding from a range of sources including the Heritage Lottery Fund, SITA Queen Elizabeth II Fields in Trust Major Works Programme and the Arts Council. Our knowledge and extensive database of available funding streams enables us to develop realistic and achievable funding strategies to help our clients deliver their projects where money is unavailable via traditional sources.

Restoration & Development

Pleydell Smithyman Limited has developed an approach to restoration and development which enables us to maximise the potential of your site whilst taking into account current guidelines and legislation. The multi-disciplinary nature of our team means that we are able to consider the potential for restoration and development from a number of different perspectives to ensure that the best possible solution is provided. For example, we have worked on projects that restore and develop parks for both the benefit of visitors and members of the local community. We have also explored options and opportunities for the restoration and development of quarries following the completion of mineral extraction which transform the worked landscape into places of beauty which people will want to visit.


One of our strengths at Pleydell Smithyman Limited is being able to take a step back and see the bigger picture. Our team of consultants have collaborated with major clients within the public and private sector to develop strategic documents which help to inspire and articulate long term, sustainable visions.

Landscape & Visual Impact Assessment

Pleydell Smithyman Limited has developed Landscape and Visual Impact Assessment methodology through undertaking a wide range of assessments and an in-depth knowledge of current guidelines and legislation. With assessments of greenfield quarry developments, extensions, wind turbines and industrial buildings we have developed techniques which cater to the applicants needs whether a short assessment for planning applications, a full Environmental Impact Assessment, or a report in sufficient detail to win Planning Appeals.

Expert Witness Services

Members of Pleydell Smithyman Limited’s team are available and equipped to provide expert witness reports, and testimony if required, to support our clients and their projects. Our expert witness statements are well enhanced by our reputation, credibility and knowledge of the sectors in which we operate.

Landscape & Land Management

At Pleydell Smithyman Limited we offer specific expertise in Landscape and Land Management. We combine our collective skills and knowledge to ensure an integrated landscape approach and are able to provide cost effective solutions on the ground. We have developed strategic management plans for a number of protected landscapes, public parks and private estates. We are also able to assist our clients with ongoing operational implementation of landscape management and maintenance and have acted as agents for a number of private landowners and public bodies.

Bio and Geodiversity

Within the team at Pleydell Smithyman Limited we have particular specialism in Ecology and Geology. We can provide services including biodiversity strategies, ecological assessments and protected species surveys. We can also offer geodiversity appraisals and strategies for conserving geological important areas as part of development proposals. We have a pragmatic approach and work with all our clients to create bio and geological enhancements that support commercial success and are environmentally sustainable.

Corporate Identity and Branding

The Pleydell Smithyman Limited team combines design and marketing knowledge, enabling us to create corporate identity and branding material which reflects and articulates the values of your brand. For example we have created menus, signage, uniforms and branding for garden centres as well as websites and logos for community groups and projects.

Interior and Retail Design

Our team of interior and retail designers have extensive experience of using interior and retail design to maximise a sites potential and add value. For example we can use our knowledge and creativity to enhance customer flow and maximise dwell time. As experts in these areas we take great pride in adding value to your projects and delivering results with a “wow” factor.

Catering Design & Fit Out

Pleydell Smithyman Limited has created stylish, comfortable and commercially successful catering outlets at a range of locations across the United Kingdom. Working in partnership with catering companies and suppliers to provide you with a bespoke, sustainable and cost effective catering solution which will delight you and your customers.

3D Visualisations

Our team at Pleydell Smithyman Limited is able to create 3D visualisations so that you can see how your project will look right from the beginning and consider its impact on the surroundings. 3D visualisations can also be a valuable tool for community consultations, planning applications, funding applications and marketing providing a means of effective communicating the aims and aspirations of your project.

Contract Administration

In role of Contract Administrator Pleydell Smithyman Limited will work together with its clients as an employer’s agent to both manage and oversee all aspects of the building project, ensuring works are completed economically and efficiently. Pleydell Smithyman Limited has extensive knowledge & experience in all contractual procedures and will advise and recommend the best form of contract & procurement method based on its client’s specific needs and requirements.

CDM Coordination

Pleydell Smithyman Limited works closely with all its clients to offer support and advice in all aspects of Health & Safety for building projects under the guidance of the HSE and CDM regulations. In our role as Principle Designer PSL can also offer advice and provide information to co-ordinate the procurement of all building projects, appointment of a Principal Contractor and providing all information relating to both pre and post construction Health & Safety information.

Restoration Audits

Pleydell Smithyman Limited produce Restoration Cost Estimates / detailed audits for minerals and waste sites. These include both:

  1. Full Restoration Liability - where the cost of all restoration and afteruse associated with an individual quarry that is / will be extracted in accordance with its planning permission / lease agreements and with the extraction of all resources.

  2. Immediate Restoration Liability - either based upon a percentage of the Full Liability apportioned into current and future extractive and non-extractive areas or an immediate closure scenario.

All works include itemised restoration, afteruse and maintenance aspects, associated rates / costs together with restoration cash flow phasing.