Ecological Survey Seasons

As another busy season for the ecologists at Pleydell Smithyman Limited is nearly over, here's a quick reminder of the type of surveys that can still be undertaken until the end of September and then the work that can be carried out throughout the winter.

September Surveys
Bat activity and bat roost surveys can continue until the end of September and then can be started again at the end of April next year.

Reptile surveys can continue until the end of September and begin at the end of March, depending on how cold the weather has been!

Winter ecological surveys
Although some species hibernate throughout the winter (who wouldn't love to do that!), there are still a number of surveys that can be undertaken throughout this colder period.

Extended Phase 1 habitat surveys can be undertaken all year round, and this is an ideal opportunity to identify any potential ecological issues on your site prior to the main survey season starting again in March / April 2015.

Wintering bird surveys are also an important survey throughout this time and a generally undertaken between October and March with one survey per month.

Badger monitoring can be undertaken over the coming months, throughout autumn Badgers are foraging more to get ready for their breeding season which begins in December. It is also much easier to identify signs of Badgers throughout autumn and winter as there are much less nettles and other vegetation around!

Feel free to contact our ecology team by email or on 01952 433211 if you'd like to discuss ecological surveys and the services we provide.